No One Realized

No one realized the tears flowing as I smiled and replied

“I’m Okay”

No one realized the blood embracing my arms as I pulled down my sleeves

No one realized as I pulled out the rope

No one realized until it was too late..


When the depressed mind gets to talk

Our Disguised Blind Eyes

Remember when we were told we can be anything

And we smiled with glee because for the first we felt what it was like to be free

But there’s something we are never told that makes us fall into molds

We become a copy

We never learn what it’s like to not have to second guess our beliefs or our styles before we face the world

We were never told you can be whatever you wan’t to be but before you become anything learn to become yourself

Learn to become the person you were born to be not the person that everyone will accept

There’s a difference between being acceptable and being happy

Once we enter their molds

Our hearts become cold

Our brains no longer gain

Our bodies will constantly strain

Until finally you just become a shell

Of another that fell

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Tick Tick Tick

Tick tick tick
The sound in my ears a perpetual reminder
Tick tick tick
Tick tick tick
Time goes on without her
Tick tick tick
The anger boils, why do they act like we haven’t just lost such a beautiful angel?
Tick tick tick
Memories come at random filled with anxiety and unwanted tears
Tick tick tick
The ghostly feel of your existence
Tick tick tick
Grief has consumed me and I prey that time heals me other then this reminder that the world still spins no matter what
Tick tick tick